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Exciting News 

AirVend has been acquired by 365 Retail Markets!


Leverage compliance with federal laws to increase sales.
Turn federal law compliance into a strategy to increase sales. Provide your customers with nutritional information. Knowing you have that capability can generate preference for your vending business. And that will increase sales.

While your competitors take the FDA estimated 14-million+ hours to comply manually --- you’ll be ahead of the game by using AirVend Live software!

Customers will receive the nutritional information they want … and the software will enable you to update changes to your offerings and planogram immediately, so you can demonstrate compliance to all federal requirements.


On a Mission
We’re passionate technologists with a cause.  Technology is painfully absent for most of the Vending world. We're on a mission to change that by dramatically improving the ROI for Operators through low-cost hardware, increased sales, and brand new revenue opportunities.
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